The world of eCommerce has changed quite a bit since I started my first website in 1999. Back then I had to create a website from scratch (no templates could be found), figure out how to upload media / photos / video onto a server (no services like Youtube or Instagram existed), teach myself software such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop, learn how to collect payments (PayPal was in its early stages and wasn’t widely adopted yet), and most importantly I had to focus on marketing and figure out creative ways to promote a product or service (Facebook wasn’t around, Google wasn’t on my radar yet, and there was a lot of inconsistencies when it came to advertising online).

These days, you can create a site in minutes using a service like Wix, SquareSpace or (in my case) WordPress. If you want to promote a new product or service, you can record a high quality video using your phone and upload it to Youtube in minutes. You then have options like being able to promote that video using an ad campaign or have it on your Facebook feed in front of all your followers.

The reason I created this site is so that I could share some of my experiences and have an outlet where I can document some of my thoughts, mainly for future reference. If it possibly helps others, then great.

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