Union vs Burton Bindings

For the first time in 3 seasons, I’m back to just owning Burton snowboard bindings on all my boards (and a pair of Spark R&D for my K2 Panorama splitboard, which uses Burton straps).

I had a pair of Capita Superpro bindings for a couple seasons, and a pair of Union Force bindings before that. But no more.

My current Burton bindings quiver includes;

  • The Malavitas on my Super Happytime Death Machine snowboard
  • The Cartels on my Capita Kazu Kokubo snowboard
  • The Infidels on my Monument District snowboard
  • The Spark R&D Blaze on my K2 Panorama splitboard

I’ve always wanted to rock Union Bindings, seeing how the US headquarters is based in Seattle. But there were always little pet peeves of mine that stood out. For example, the toe strap. Is it really a toe strap? I could never tell if the lower strap was supposed to go over the toes, or over the forefoot. It would also shift while riding regardless of which boots I wore. At the beginning of runs, I would start with it on my toes, and it would slide up to the forefoot. Or vice versa. While the Burton one is clearly curved and shaped to go over the toes, the Union one is mostly flat. Union’s website calls it a toe strap so lets assume that’s what it is. But for my size 7.5-8.0 feet, it often fit better on the forefoot.

The bindings scratched my boots! Both in the back where the boots make contact with the heelcup and mostly around where the toe/forefoot strap is supposed to go.

The main difference between the two brands is whether you want plastic bases (Burton) or metal bases (Capita). I don’t have a preference as far as this goes, and both brands offer lifetime warranties on the base. The quality of buckles between the two brands is mostly identical as well. Although Burton has innovated the strap so they could add more marketing buzzwords, like heel hammock, asym hammockstrap, supergrip capstrap and so on.

One area where Capita wins is their design. Products like the Butt Snorkeler, Rainier Beer collabs, Pabst Blue Ribbon and other partnerships keep me looking at their products. But for now I’ll stick with my tried and true bindings.

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