Replacement Lenses for my Magnetic Goggles

I’ve recently been asked a lot about replacement lenses for magnetic goggles. These types of goggles were made famous by the brand Anon (part of Burton Snowboards) when they introduced the M1 (and later M2, M3 and WM1) goggles to the market about 5-6 years ago.

There seems to be a lot of these magnetic goggles floating around on Amazon these days, mostly with names we’ve never heard of. There are so many to the point where I’m seeing a lot of Zionor and Outdoor Master branded goggles on the local mountains. For the uninitiated, these brands are some of the best selling goggles on Amazon, currently ranked numbers 1 and 2 in Amazon’s Ski Goggle category.

amazon ski goggles.jpg

The “magnetic” versions made by Zionor and OutdoorMaster are also ranked #1 and #2 when searching Amazon for “magnetic ski goggles.” The best part about these products is that the parts are interchangeable and affordable.

Replacing lenses on a brand name goggle can cost upwards of $60-70. But often times they’re under $20 for the smaller brands on Amazon. When shopping for spare lenses, the first thing to ask is, how many magnets does your goggle have?

Some have 8 magnets, like the Anon M2 and the options from Zionor, Outdoor Master and Odoland.

Some have 10 magnets, like the Reaction RXN1 and the options from Wacool, Typhoon Sports and Findway.

I recently purchased the Findway and Wacool replacement lenses that feature 10 magnetic connection points and found that they work seamlessly with my Reaction RXN1 goggle frame. Before placing the order, my concern was that the magnet polarities might be reversed, but that was not the case.

B075RXNJMB – The Wacool option appears to be an orange lens with blue mirror (REVO) coating. 38% VLT

B0777K9BYB – The Findway option appears to be a simple yellow lens with no additional coating. 62% VLT

For people looking for lenses that work in low-light / night / overcast conditions, these are a great option for under $20.

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