Gainsborough Commons in Renton

Still Available!

Asking $229,000 | 2 bedrooms | 1.5 bathrooms | 1004 square feet | Renton WA 98055

Take this opportunity to snatch this condo unit up, located in the Gainsborough Commons community in Renton.

Why We Love This Listing: There’s a lot of options with this listing. Purchase it as a first home, or as an investment property. The cashflow as a rental would be better than most investment opportunities in King County. The complex features a club house, exercise room, and outdoor pool, which are typically things you’d have to pay for in a gym membership. The best part is that there’s no rental cap, so if you live there, outgrow it, and want to rent it out in the future, you will have that option. If you’re in the market for a condo, let us know! -Jin

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