Setting Goals in Real Estate

I feel like with anything in life, you should set goals, whether that’s to eat healthier, take up more hobbies, read more, watch TV less, or whatever it is. Maybe that’s just how my mind is wired.

But when Mitch and I started working together in real estate, we mutually set a goal to average at least 2 deals a month. And this month, we’ve finally reached that goal by doing 49 deals over a 24 month period.

We couldn’t have done any of this without our friends and clients. So thank you to everyone who has trusted us with your real estate needs.

Of course, now that just means we need to set new goals. A friend of mine who goes by the name “Henry” who I look up to has done over 70 transactions during the same period. That’s basically an average of 3 per month. So, challenge accepted.

The market is a little bit slower now than it was at the beginning of summer, so we’re hoping it leads to more opportunities for buyers. I guess we’ll find out!

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