2016 Salomon Sick Stick 156 Snowboard


It pains me to do this (again) but it’s time for someone else to enjoy this “sick stick.”

If you, or someone you know, wants to get into snowboarding, hit me up on my Instagram (@jin411) and introduce yourself.

I rarely buy into the fads, so I rarely own pro models (except the Kazu) and it took me forever to try rocker, and I don’t pay enough attention to what my board is made up of. But this is a board that all my diehard snowboard friends raved about.

Something about the float in pow, the ability to carve on hardpack, and the pop of the bamboo core. All with a nice blend of camber in between the bindings, and a little bit of rocker. And they were right. This is the board I would bring on vacation or to trips to Whistler when I didn’t want to bring multiple boards.

Again, my quiver is ever evolving just because I’m surrounded by gear on a daily basis. So getting rid of old boards is unfortunately the norm and something I’ll always regret in hindsight, like selling your Jeep.

If you’re a progressing rider who wants to expand your terrain, or someone who already frequents the backcountry, this would be a nice addition to your quiver. And in this case, it’s FREE. So hit me up.

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