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Coronavirus State

Well, a lot has changed in the past month. If I’m rereading this 15-20 years in the future, here’s a quick rundown; Virus spreads around the world. Affects mostly older people, not kids. Economy shuts down. Here in Washington State, kids don’t have school,… Continue Reading “Coronavirus State”

Real Estate Update – February 2020

There was a day last week, when the following occurred while doing a search of homes on the NWMLS; City: Bellevue Number of Bedrooms: 3 or more Price: Under $1 million Results: ZERO Yikes. Even right now, on a Thursday right before going into… Continue Reading “Real Estate Update – February 2020”

Pending Listing in Covington – MLS 1492375

26466 186th Ct SE Covington, WA 98042 | 3 bedrooms | 1430 square feet | $338,000 List After 3 days on the market and a lot of foot traffic and interest, this Covington listing of ours went Pending. We hope the buyers of this… Continue Reading “Pending Listing in Covington – MLS 1492375”

New Listing In My Home Zip Code 98027

It’s always great to represent a seller in an area where I’m most familiar. Even though things have changed quite a bit in Issaquah, I’ve been lucky enough to grow up here, and come back to live here once I started my family, so… Continue Reading “New Listing In My Home Zip Code 98027”

My Take on Real Estate – Spring 2019

Just wanted to write out my thoughts on the real estate market as of June 2019. It’s been an interesting start to 2019 for my partner Mitch and I. We’re on pace to match the transactions from last year, but overall it’s a much… Continue Reading “My Take on Real Estate – Spring 2019”

Just Listed in Federal Way

Just listed in Federal Way! $399K, 4 bedrooms and just shy of 2000 square feet. Let us know if you’re interested in buying real estate. Jin, Skyline Properties Ultra clean, turn-key home in Goldmaur is ready for the entire family with ample space, nestled… Continue Reading “Just Listed in Federal Way”

Snohomish New Listing

Well, we didn’t expect multiple offers before we could even hold the first open house, but our clients are ecstatic. This beautiful home went pending before I could even complete this write up. Credit goes to my partner Mitch Greenblatt for preparing and marketing… Continue Reading “Snohomish New Listing”

Still Available Listings – October 2018

Real estate activity over the last 2 years didn’t slow down for the fall season. In fact, I think November was our busiest month each of the last 2 years. And it was because a lot of people didn’t want to wait for the… Continue Reading “Still Available Listings – October 2018”

Real Estate Update – Fall 2018

The real estate market has certainly changed over the past year. A year ago, inventory was painfully low. Looking at emails from the fall of 2017, we had clients looking for homes on the Eastside around $700-$800K and there were literally just a handful… Continue Reading “Real Estate Update – Fall 2018”

Setting Goals in Real Estate

I feel like with anything in life, you should set goals, whether that’s to eat healthier, take up more hobbies, read more, watch TV less, or whatever it is. Maybe that’s just how my mind is wired. But when Mitch and I started working… Continue Reading “Setting Goals in Real Estate”