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BC-Banff Road Trip – January 2019

We drove over 1400 miles to visit 5 different resorts over a week. Find out which ones we enjoyed most!

2016 Salomon Sick Stick 156 Snowboard

View this post on Instagram #free 2016 Salomon Sick Stick 156 #snowboard – read up on A post shared by Jin Lee (@jinpnw) on Sep 14, 2018 at 11:18am PDT #FREE #SALOMON #SICKSTICK It pains me to do this (again) but it’s time… Continue Reading “2016 Salomon Sick Stick 156 Snowboard”

2014 Monument District 153 Snowboard

View this post on Instagram More #free stuff. A 2014 Monument District 153 #mnmnt #snowboard Read up on A post shared by Jin Lee (@jinpnw) on Sep 12, 2018 at 9:32am PDT #FREE #MNMNT It pains me to do this, as this board… Continue Reading “2014 Monument District 153 Snowboard”

Canon DSLR and Skylab Gimbal

View this post on Instagram Throwing this out there but if anyone has any friends, kids, nieces and nephews that have shown interest in photography / videography, let me know via DM, would like to give these away as a gift. #skylab #gimbal #canon… Continue Reading “Canon DSLR and Skylab Gimbal”

2018 SkiBonkers Wraps Up

View this post on Instagram Livia showing the boys. I guess she’s regular footed. #snowboarding A post shared by Jin Lee (@jinpnw) on Sep 5, 2018 at 10:31am PDT The 2018 SkiBonkers has just completed. Now it’s time for cleanup. It’s great to be… Continue Reading “2018 SkiBonkers Wraps Up”

Snowboard Boot Sizing

In my adult life I’ve always worn size 9, 9.5 (US Men’s) shoes. Mainly due to comfort because I have wide feet and can rarely find wide shoes that I like. So when I walked into Boarderline in Bellevue in the late 90s and… Continue Reading “Snowboard Boot Sizing”

Replacement Lenses for my Magnetic Goggles

I’ve recently been asked a lot about replacement lenses for magnetic goggles. These types of goggles were made famous by the brand Anon (part of Burton Snowboards) when they introduced the M1 (and later M2, M3 and WM1) goggles to the market about 5-6… Continue Reading “Replacement Lenses for my Magnetic Goggles”

Union vs Burton Bindings

For the first time in 3 seasons, I’m back to just owning Burton snowboard bindings on all my boards (and a pair of Spark R&D for my K2 Panorama splitboard, which uses Burton straps). I had a pair of Capita Superpro bindings for a… Continue Reading “Union vs Burton Bindings”